Self-guided Programs to help you live a happier life


7 Sessions

Positive Psychology

Positive psychology is an evidence-based field of psychology that focuses on what factors are necessary for individuals to live meaningfully, happily and with purpose—what shifts someone from merely existing to thriving. This program is designed to give you a crash course in many of the important skills and findings of positive psychology, including:

  • The importance of optimism
  • The mental and physical benefits of gratitude
  • How to be more compassionate with ourselves and others
  • The relationship between our minds and our bodies

With targeted lessons, video summaries, and interactive activities, Resilify's Positive Psychology program can be a powerful tool on your journey of healing and growth.

7 Weeks

7 Sessions

Dealing with insomnia (sleep issues) - A CBT Approach (CBT-I)

Getting good, quality sleep can be difficult, especially for those with busy schedules and who may be in high-stress situations. Many people experience sleep difficulties and sleep disorders at some point or another in their lives.

This program will provide you with information about sleep disorders and effective tools and skills to help improve the quality of your sleep. This is done using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I), an evidenced-based treatment specifically designed for those who experience sleep difficulty. Throughout this program you will learn about:

  • Sleep tracking
  • Healthy sleep habits, also known as sleep hygiene
  • Modifying your sleep environment to ensure quality sleep
  • Addressing and changing unhelpful patterns of thinking
  • Relaxation techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation and diaphragmatic breathing
  • Problem solving skills and constructive worrying

All of these topics and more will be covered through the use of lessons, video summaries, and interactive activities. Resilify’s CBT for Insomnia program can help you on the path towards healthy sleep.

7 Weeks

7 Sessions

The Science of Gratitude and Wellbeing

We all want a happy life, but when we are built to always seek out the next best thing, how often do we spare a minute to consider what we already have? Research shows that the practice of gratitude—the appreciation for the good things, material or otherwise in our lives—can be essential for our long-term emotional wellbeing and resilience. Guided by the evidence-based principles of positive psychology and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), this program is designed to help you:

  • Learn about why gratitude can be so impactful for our mental health from a psychological, social and even biological standpoint.
  • Learn about the tangible benefits practicing gratitude can provide in our own lives as well as our relationships with others.
  • Incorporate gratitude practices in an easy, structured way.
  • Rely on gratitude as a source of strength and coping when things get tough.

With targeted lessons, video summaries, and interactive activities, Resilify's Science of Gratitude and Wellbeing program can be a powerful tool as you continue your journey of self-improvement.

7 Weeks

7 Sessions

Dealing with Procrastination

Procrastination can be considered to be a process involving acts and patterns. "Procrastination acts" are random and inconsistent, specific to particular aspects only. You postpone returning a library book until after it's overdue.

You finished the book. But you don't want to go out of your way to return it on time. This is an isolated occurrence since you typically promptly return what you borrow.

On the contrary procrastination patterns are predictable and consistent habitual delays that are not situation specific, but follow an identifiable sequence.

This kind of a sequence involves an initial feeling of discomfort about a task and then aimlessly moving to another task which perhaps might be irrelevant.

7 Weeks

8 Sessions

Dealing with Chronic Pain with CBT

This is a program built for people suffering from Chronic Pain to help them heal with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT).

8 Weeks

7 Sessions

Enhancing Self-Esteem

Self-esteem, or how we evaluate our personal worth, relates to how we view and think about ourselves. Often, we set unrealistic standards and expectations for ourselves based on other people, society, and media.

This program provides the tools to understand, challenge, and modify when we have low self-esteem by targeting our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. It follows principles from research-supported treatments for self-esteem, cognitive behavioral, acceptance and commitment, and mindfulness therapies. This program will give you the skills and knowledge to 

  • Understand the origins of your own self-esteem
  • See how low self-esteem is maintained 
  • Learn helpful and unhelpful thinking styles and how to modify unhelpful ones

7 Weeks

6 Sessions

Coping with Panic Disorder

Having panic attacks can be a distressing, scary experience, often causing individuals to avoid day-to-day situations and interactions that may trigger panic at whatever cost. If this sounds like you, this program is here to help.

Resilify’s CBT for Panic Disorder program is designed to provide you the tools and knowledge needed to help get a handle on panic attacks. Through the lens of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)—one of the strongest evidence-based therapies to target panic—you will learn to:

  • Understand the functions of and mechanisms behind feelings of panic
  • Identify and manage signs of panic before they turn into full-blown attacks
  • Address unhelpful thought patterns associated with panic
  • Practice relaxation techniques to counteract panic
  • Tolerate and even participate in settings that may cause panic attacks

With targeted lessons, video summaries, and interactive activities, Resilify'sCBT for Panic Disorder program can be a powerful tool as you continue your journey of self-improvement.

6 Weeks

8 Sessions

Coping with Self-harming Behaviors with DBT

Self-harm is a common challenge that many people face. Sometimes, we can experience events, thoughts, and feelings that are so overwhelming we cannot find another method of relief, other than self-harm. In this program, you will learn a variety of strategies based on Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), one of the most effective, research-supported treatments for self-harm. Throughout this program, you will be encouraged to:

  • Address the patterns that influence you to self-harm
  • Increase the coping skills available to you to reduce the likelihood of self-harm
  • Increase self-compassion and mindfulness techniques to remain grounded

With targeted lessons, video summaries, and interactive activities, Resilify’s DBT for Self-Harm program can be beneficial in your journey of recovery.

8 Weeks