Behavioral health care
for everyone

A platform built on evidence-based principles, delivered by licensed clinicians, coaches making care accessible, effective and scalable.


A Comprehensive Behavioral Health Platform

Resiliens's Digital Health Platform offers treatment programs for Anxiety, Depression, Eating Disorders, Borderline Personality Disorder, PTSD, SUDs, etc. The Platform combines Technology, Evidence-Based Therapy and Coaching from Licensed Clinicians and Coaches.


Personalized Programs
for Specific Conditions

Our treatment programs combines evidence-based therapy modalities (Dialectical Behavior Therapy / DBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy / CBT, Acceptance and Committment Therapy / ACT etc.) with nutritional psychology, sleep psychology, Heart Rate / HRV-biofeedback and Health Psychology.

This holistic approach to behavioral health helps our program participants to gain long-lasting transformational results.


Behavioral Health Coaching

Live Coaching for 
Groups and Individuals

We offer effective care programs grounded in proven treatment methods designed by clinical experts and grounded in evidence-based practices that are proven to work.

The programs focus on :

  • Goal-focused treatment
  • New skill development
  • Practice between sessions
  • Track progress toward goals
  • Short-term and long-lasting results

Self Guided Programs

Finding effective behavioral healthcare is hard. Through our self-guided app (Resilify), you have access to over 50+ self-guided programs, organized by symptoms / conditions, treatment modalities.

These contain video-guided lessons, exercises, activities and tools that were created by experts in behavioral health using evidence-based techniques, to improve your mental well-being.

For Behavioral Health Professionals

Live Courses from leading experts in evidence-based modalities

Our courses are designed to have the best learning experience for clinicians. They also teach clinicians to deliver effective treatment by combining technology with evidence based therapies.

Interactive programs to further hone your therapeutic skills

These programs are designed keeping flexibility in mind. The programs have beautiful videos, activities and other tools that created by leading experts and make learning at your convenience enjoyable.

An extensive network of like-minded practictioners

When you join the Resiliens network, you become a part of a community of clinicians, coaches and physicians who have a deep-rooted interest or expertise in evidence-based therapy.

Collaborate with us to scale your programs

Create programs on our Behavioral Health Platform that enables you to deliver psychoeducation digitally to clients. These include video-guided lessons, exercises (digitized worksheets), standardized assessments. Further, you can get a 360-degree view of your program participants by having visibility to their data (tracking tools, exercises, sleep etc.) that they have shared.