MI Coach

A comprehensive app for finding your motivation for change.

Learn about Motivational Interviewing (MI), enhance your motivation and practice behavior change skills with MI Coach App. Engage better with your Therapist using our comprehensive Behavioral Health Platform.
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Comprehensive sessions by our expert on Motivational Interviewing and how it can be used for behavior change at your own pace. All the learning materials are organized cleanly into different sessions by topic with lessons and activities.

Daily Checkin & Tracking

Record your mood, behavior change measures, track your behaviors and journal multiple times a day.

Video guided lessons

Learn about Motivational Interviewing with our MI Expert by following sessions organized by different topics to help with behavior change.

Easy to Follow Exercises

Practice MI skills using our well-designed, user-friendly exercises. You can do your exercises anytime from anywhere.

Journal your thoughts

You can journal your thoughts daily or multiple times a day and upload pictures and videos to help with your behavior change journey.

Easy to Follow Assessments

Track your progress and measure outcome to share with your clinician using our user-friendly quiz and standardized assessments.

Track & Manage with Entries Timeline

User-friendly timeline for entries, change measures, behavior tracking, exercises, meditations etc.

Feel better with Breathing Exercises

We provide a range of options and guided techniques to practice breathing exercises. You can choose what works best for you.
Breathing Exercise

Easy to summarize Data

Share what you want to share with your provider and care team. Providers in our clinician app can see it in real-time. You can also share via email with who you choose.


Choose from a library of 500+ meditations created by world's leading meditation teachers.

Join the Community

Come join the MI Coach Community. There are discussion forums where you can discuss MI skills application and anything MI, motivation, commitment and change. Further, use existing Peer Groups or create your own to support each other.

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The most comprehensive app for finding the motivation for change using Motivational Interviewing. Come and be part of the community!
MI Coach on App Store
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