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Optimize your Inner Potential by Acceptance and Commitment.

Learn about Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) and develop your psychological flexibility. Track your Moods, Emotions, Activities and ACT Measures. Engage better with your Therapist using our comprehensive Behavioral Health Platform.
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Track & Manage withEntries Timeline

Track your progress with intuitive mood charts, different counts, check-in summary and gain insight from correlations.

Easy To Follow ACT Lessons

Learn ACT skills with user-friendly videos and animations. There are over 50+ video lessons 200+ images and rich formatted content.

Use It To Record Diary Entries

Record your mood, skills, emotions, urges, behaviors, activities and journal multiple times a day.

Easy To Follow Practice Exercises

Practice ACT using well-designed exercises that replaces worksheets. Leave your manual at home and do your exercises from anywhere.

Track ACT Measures

Track your weekly and daily ACT measures to better gauge your progress.

Easy To Share your data

Share what you want to share with your provider and care team. Providers in our clinician app can see it in real-time. You can also share via email with who you choose.

Stay on top of everything with Reminders & Affirmations

We provide a range of options to set multiple daily or weekly reminders for diary card entry, meditations, affirmations or anything else to help you stay on top of ACT Skills.

Even More Features Engage and stay up-to-date

Engage better with your provider by taking assessments, doing homeworks all in the app. Additional tools such as summary, quiz and meditations keep you up to date with your ACT practice.

Join The Community

Come join the ACT Community. There are discussion forums where you can discuss about ACT skill application and anything ACT. Further, use existing Peer Groups or create your own to support each other.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I record multiple times a day?
Yes. You can record entries as many times as you like. All entries, exercises etc. are shown in clean timeline view.
Can I share my daily entries?
Yes. You can share your entries with your therapist and care team. It also integrates to a Therapist / Clinician portal.
Do you have lessons for each skill?
Yes and even more. There are over 60+ video lessons.
Do you have Practice Idea for each skill?
We currently have practice ideas for most skills. It gives ideas on how you can practice these skills.
How do I set reminders for different time on different days?
You can set multiple reminders. For eg. you can set a daily reminder say at 8 AM. But also set a weekly reminder repeating on specific days at another time.
What are mood correlations?
They are top 5 items in each category (skills, targets, activities, sleep etc.) that correspond to a particular mood. They help your draw insights from the most common things you did when you were in a particular mood.
Can I do my homework or exercises in the app?
Yes. If your provider is on our clinician app, they can assign you homework, practice ideas, exercises and assessments to you and you can complete and submit them all via the app. You can choose what to share with your clinician and he / she can see it in the clinician app.
Do you have monthly subscription?
Yes. We have a monthly subscription, but we don't believe anyone can learn ACT in a month. We offer a discounted six month subscription as well as a monthly subscription depending on your choice. We have a 3-day trial period during which you can access all areas of the app for free.

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ACT Coach on App Store
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